tallahassee hair braidingOur Story
BALLY African Hair Braiding is a one stop beauty place where you can get everything that will change you from inside out. BALLY is originaly from west African Country name SENEGAL and has been braiding since childhood.
Braiding are a natural thing for most african girls who do this ART among themself and when they get better at it, they can braid grown up and get some money for doing so.
BALLY has being doing this and going to school at the same time. She became the talk of the area and people will come from afar to get braid by the by the young BALLY. People will line up for hours to wait their turn to get to BALLY.
Without knowing, BALLY has build a business and this started affecting her school grade. Once graduted, BALLY moved to the USA and learn the different way braiding is done and open her own braiding shop first in New York and now in Florida - Tallahassee.
BALLY has been a professional and very detail hair braider and has trained many of her workers. Once again we welcome you to BALLY and can assure you that your satisfaction is our main concern and we will go to any length to make it happen.